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These are in no particular order, I just stuck all my Jovi on shuffle.

Everyday (Bounce)

  • I had nothing but a life to loose
  • Thought I had a lot to prove
  • Goodbye to all my yesterdays
  • Goodbye so long I'm on my way
  • I've had enough of cryin' Bleedin' sweatin' dyin'
  • Hear me when I say: gonna live my life everyday
  • I'm gonna touch the sky
  • I ain't here to play
  • Makes you wonder how the world keeps turning
  • Learning how to pick my fights
  • Take my shots while I'm still burning
  • Goodbye to all those rainy nights
  • Goodbye so long I'm moving on
  • Hit the gas, take the wheel
  • I've just made myself a deal
  • There ain't nothing gonna get in my way

Justice in the Barrel (Jon Bon Jovi solo album, Blaze of Glory)
  • I'm just looking for tomorrow
  • I jumped headfirst into a bottle I was looking for a friend
  • I didn't find the truth I only found an end
  • the only justice a man can see is the barrel of a loaded gun
  • I don't never ever never seem to get enough
  • Still guess I can't complain
  • 'Cause what you get in life you take it
  • They say good things come to those who wait
  • But it's life that goes so fast
  • Guns talk to me in my sleep at night
  • And a gun somewhere is burning with my name
  • Winners are losers
  • losers will have to face all those yesterdays and all of the dreams they blew away
  • So Mister can you help me
  • Have the ghosts of justice brought you here to me
  • There's justice in the barrel of a loaded gun

Always (Crossroad)
  • It's been raining since you left me now I'm drownin in the flood
  • I've always been a fighter but without you I give up
  • Now I can't sing a love song like the way it's meant to be
  • Well I guess I'm not that good anymore but baby that's just me
  • I'll be there forever and a day
  • I'll be there til the stars don't shine
  • Now your pictures that you left behind are just memories of a different life
  • what I'd give to run my fingers through your hair
  • I've made mistake I'm just a man
  • I wish I was him with these words of mine to say to you 'til the end of time
  • If you told me to cry for you I could
  • If you told me to die for you I would
  • Take a look at my face
  • There's no price I won't pay to say these words to you
  • Well there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
  • Baby if you give me just one more try
  • We'll find a place where the sun still shines

Fast Cars (The Circle)
  • How can I defend "Let's live for now not then"?
  • We're chasing tail lights
  • It's a dark road we've been heading down
  • Trust me tonight I swear I know where we are
  • We're gonna run all the lights
  • We're gonna blow right through the radar
  • How can I pretend the signs don't say dead end
  • Where memories are nothing but spare parts
  • Turn around just turn around and leave the past behind us now
  • Come on we aint gonna crash
  • This time we ain't slowing down
  • Slip thru the cracks

Dyin' Ain't Much of A Livin' (Jon Bon Jovi solo album, Blaze of Glory)
  • Whiskey bottle comforts me and tells me not to cry
  • I try to close my eyes
  • The ghosts appear as I fall asleep
  • Dyin' ain't much of a livin' when you're livin' on the run
  • Dyin' ain't much of a livin' for the young
  • Is it too late to ask for forgiveness for the things that I have done?
  • All this fame don't bring you freedom
  • An outlaw's just a man to me and a man has to die
  • I hope someone will pray for me when it's my turn to die
  • Pray for me

Blaze of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi solo album Blaze of Glory)
  • I wake up in the morning and I raise my weary head
  • I've got an old coat for a pillow and the earth was last night's bed
  • I don't know where I'm going only God knows where I've been
  • I'm a devil on the run a six gun lover a candle in the wind
  • when you're born into this world they say you're born in sin
  • they tell me that I'm wanted yeah I'm a wanted man
  • I'm a colt in your stable
  • I'm what cain was to able
  • Mister catch me if you can
  • you ask about my conscience
  • I offer you my soul
  • You ask if I'm going to be a wise man (well I ask if I'll grow old)
  • You ask me if I've known love and what it's like to sing songs in the rain
  • I've seen love come I've seen it shot down
  • I've seen it die in flames
  • Shot down in a blaze of glory
  • I'm going out in a blaze of glory
  • I never drew first but I drew first blood
  • I'm no one's son
  • I'm the devil's son
  • Call me young gun
  • I'm a young gun
  • I ain't looking for forgiveness
  • Let this boy die like a man
  • Staring down the bullet let me make my final stand

Only Lonely (7800 degrees farenheit)
  • Sometimes love don't know wrong from right
  • There's no one left to take the blame
  • What's behind this masquerade
  • How do we win these losin' games we play?
  • Cutting wounds we know they run so deep
  • Leave it all behind you or someday love will find you
  • I can't stop hurting you
  • But I can't stop loving you
  • How can much pain does it take?
  • It's getting sometimes I don't know when to stop when to go
  • Sometimes we're so afraid to let it show
  • A stolen kiss so out of place
  • It wipes the smile right off your face
  • Games we play
  • Words we say
  • How much pain can you take before your heart breaks
  • I've got this time bomb tickin' in my head
  • How can I say get away?

Miracle (Jon Bon Jovi solo album, Blaze of Glory)
  • Penny for your thoughts now baby
  • Looks liek the weight of the world's on your shoulders
  • I know you think you're going crazy
  • just when you think everything's gonna work itself out
  • You said it ain't fair that a man walks when a bird can fly
  • We have to kick the ground the stars kiss the sky
  • Sin and spirit live a man has to die
  • They promised us the truth now they're giving us lies
  • Gonna take a miracle to save us this time
  • Your savior has just left town
  • Gonna need a miracle
  • 'cause it's all on the line
  • I won't let you down
  • The river of your hope is busted and I know the dam is flooded
  • If you need me I'll come running
  • I won't let you down oh no
  • You're looking for salvation
  • The angels left this nation
  • Salvation caught the last train out tonight
  • I'm just a man that's all I'll ever be
  • I'm standing in the river now I'm drowning in the sea
  • Your heart's on the line and your heartbeat's slowing down
  • Your feet are grounded still you're reaching for the sky
  • I believe that you can fly
  • I'll die without regret for the wars that I have fought
  • Life ain't written in the sand
  • It's time we made a stand with a miracle

I'll Be There For You (New Jersey)
  • I guess this time you're really leaving
  • I heard your suitcase say goodbye
  • as my broken heart lies bleeding
  • They say true love is suicide
  • You say you've cried a thousand rivers and now you're swimming for the shore
  • you left me drowning in my tears and you can't save me anymore
  • I pray to God you'll give me one more chance girl
  • I'll be there for you
  • When you breathe I wanna be the air for you
  • I'd live and I'd die for you
  • I'd steal the sun from the sky for you
  • Words can't say what love can do
  • I know you know we've had some good times
  • I can promise you tomorrow but I can't buy back yesterday
  • Baby you know my hands are dirty
  • I'll be the water when you get thirsty
  • When you get drunk I'll be the wine
  • I wasn't there when you were happy
  • I wasn't there when you were down
  • I didn't mean to miss your birthday

Wild is the Wind (New Jersey)
  • I tried to make you happy
  • Lord knows I've tried so hard to be what you hoped that I would be
  • I gave you what you wanted
  • God couldn't give you what you need
  • YOu wanted more from me than I could ever be
  • You wanted heart and soul
  • Wild is the wind that takes me away from you
  • Cold is the night without your love to see me through
  • Wild is the wind that blows through my heart
  • Wild is the wind
  • You've got to understand baby
  • You need someone to hold you
  • somebody to be there night and day
  • someone to kiss your fears away
  • I just went on pretending
  • too tough to say I couldn't be the one to make your dreams come true
  • that's why I had to run
  • though I needed you baby
  • Wild is the wind that blows through my heart tonight
  • Maybe a better man would live and die for you
  • Baby a better man would never say goodbye to you
  • I've gotta run just like the wind
  • I've gotta ride just like the wind

Last Man Standing (Have A Nice Day)
  • Come see a living breathing spectacle only seen right here
  • You won't believe your eyes
  • Step right up, yeah you, come here
  • You ain't seen nothing like him
  • You better hold on to your honey
  • Honeys, don't forget to breathe
  • It might change the way you think
  • Here's the last man standing
  • Step right up, he's the real thing
  • The last chance of a lifetime
  • See those real live calloused fingers wrapped around those guitar strings
  • Kiss the lips where hurt has lingered
  • It breaks the heart to hear him sing
  • There's something in the air

In and Out of Love (7800 degrees Farenheit)
  • Young and wired set to explode in the heat
  • You won't tire because baby was born with the beat
  • Take you higher than you've ever known then drive you down to your knees
  • You've been burned baby lessons learned
  • Too much is never enough
  • Runnin' wild when me and my boys hit the streets
  • Right on time
  • Then I'm long gone
  • One more town one mile to go

King of the Mountain (7800 degrees Farenheit)
  • There's a hunger burnin' in the heart of their souls
  • Let me tell you what I'm talkin' about
  • Stand up and shout
  • Tonight we lose control
  • I've been down and mistreated
  • Now we're standing undefeated
  • I'm king of the mountain
  • I'm king of the hill
  • Spend your life working 9 to 5 it's like doin' time
  • they can't put you down no one could

Fear (Keep the Faith)
  • I see you lookin' over your shoulder
  • Tell me what do you think's out there
  • Baby there ain't no luck down here
  • It's here the slogan reads do your time
  • Everybody's doin' their sentence
  • I watched my father live a lie here
  • I'd rather die than fade away
  • You ain't ever gonna make me play the game of fear
  • For a new generation of Americans
  • Runnin' with the rats in this city make syou feel like you're a partner in crime
  • Just being here we're breathing heart attacks
  • We can run chase the setting sun
  • we can run and we won't ever look back now
  • i'll let nothing slow us down
  • there's only one thing stopping us now
  • you ain't one for taking chances
  • that's what you call living - ha!
  • man that's surviving to me
  • surviving is living to die in fear

Ain't No Cure For Love (Say It Isn't So single, Australia)
  • Someone call my lawyer
  • Won't you help me please
  • I'm sorry it's a terminal disease

Neurotica (Crush)
  • Lookin' like a trainwreck
  • She got a daily new addiction
  • A walking contradiction
  • Chain smoking cigarettes
  • Talking to her silhouette
  • All mixed up
  • A little out of time
  • All messed up
  • Lay your love all over me

Stick to Your Guns (New Jersey)
  • So you want to be a cowboy
  • You know it's more than just a ride
  • You gotta know the real thing
  • Ain't nobody ridin' shotgun in the world tonight
  • And when you spit you better mean it
  • You gotta make 'em all believe it if you're gonna be the one
  • Stick to your guns
  • You can pull the trigger but only if you have to
  • Aim from the heart
  • Some will love and some will curse you baby
  • You can go to war but only if you have to
  • It's only if you have to
  • So you want to be the big time
  • Some people gonna drag you down
  • There's no livin' in the backseat if you're gonna drive through town
  • When you pray for independence you better stand your ground
  • YOu gotta give it all you got now or you might get shot down
  • You fight hard the battle is won
  • Well you know that I've been through it
  • I got the scars that prove it
  • Fight hard the battle is yours

Lost Highway (Lost Highway)
  • In my rearview mirror my life is getting clearer
  • Life changes like the weather
  • I finally found my way
  • Said goodbye to yesterday
  • Farewell to mediocrity


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