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I woke up nostalgic for a thing that doesn’t exist anymore.

In the late 90s, early 2000s, I used to use this chatroom. Every day, I could pop into it at almost any time and find someone in there. This wasn’t just a generic chatroom that had people I didn’t know. It was a private IRC server where a rotating group of about 30 or so regulars would hang out. We had people from different timezones, people who stayed up all night, people who logged in from work and hung out, so there was basically always someone in there and if there wasn’t, you just idled for awhile while you did other things and eventually someone would ping you to see if you were alone.

I spent hours online then - up in the morning, check in to chat, head to school, chat at lunch or online journal, get home, homework and dinner while online, chatting late into the night. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I miss some of those people, certainly, but I also miss that feeling of knowing there was always someone to talk to and you didn’t have the pressure of coming up with a conversation like IM demands you to do - it’s one on one and personal, but you have to come up with something or you feel like you’re bothering people - messaging them directly and so engaging them. With the chat room, you could just wander in and if someone was there, they were obviously okay with talking to you - that’s why they were voluntarily logged in.

I know people still do this, but it’s not as prevalent a thing as it used to be. I had other chatrooms I would visit, but random ones that didn’t have an established community base (we also had a forum) really made a difference.

I have tumblr now, but it feels more like a community room - pass through, comment on a few things you like, hang out doing your own thing and maybe someone will talk to you, but it’s not like a social event where everyone’s there specifically to talk to people. I miss my internet social club. I feel like I’m starved for contact sometimes.

That said, if anyone ever wants to chat, hit me up for my skype, aim, whatever. And if anyone’s interested in starting an IRC channel to hang out in, well, you can hit me up about that too. Does anyone but us old people even use IRC anymore? I guess most people use skype chats now, but those aren’t something that just exists for anyone to drop in at any time, are they?


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